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Please Note: To participate in any Web course, you must have completed the Introduction to Online Learning course first. Furthermore, you need to comply with the minimum Computing Requirements.

The School's course catalog is the official record of courses and should be reviewed prior to any course registration. This page is for convenience only and should not be considered an official listing of online courses offered by the Bloomberg School of Public Health.


Ongoing Courses  :  Offered Every Term >>

Summer Term  :  July 3—August 23, 2013 >>

First Term  :  September 3—October 25, 2013 >>

Kanchanaraksa / Diener-West

Second Term  :  October 28—December 20, 2013 >>

Fackler/ Kim

Brown / Zirkin / Evans / Wright

Agre / Ketner / Jacobs-Lorena

Yager / Trush

Third Term  :  January 21—March 14, 2014 >>

Bressler / Breysse

Wu / Morlock / Pronovost

Fourth Term  :  March 24—May 16, 2014 >>

Sullivan / Kumar / Shiff

Burke / Resnick

* This course lasts for two terms
† This course lasts for two terms and begins on August 26, 2013.

Students from AR, IA, MN and WI should be aware of state-specific information for online programs.